For Those Wanting a Safe First Date

Predators and con artists can plague the online dating scene. Protect yourself by getting a comprehensive background check done by a licensed private investigator.

Want to meet IRL? Protect yourself with a comprehensive background check.

There are more than 20 thousand romance based confidence frauds a year according to the FBI's Internet Crime Report. Every year thousands of cases of “romance scams” and violent attacks are reported in relation to online dating.  Before you meet that potential “special someone” make sure that the “online self” matches who they are in real life with a FULL background check by a licensed Private Investigator.

Why get a background check done by us?  Because your safety is worth it!

Get a Real Private Investigator

The other companies just have software that pull the data for you – with us you get a real PI to review the information

Get the Facts Fast

We GUARANTEE to get you the full background check within 1 business day. It's part of our GUMSHOE GUARANTEE.

Get the Recent Data

The data other companies use are just public records that are often 5 or more years old – we get you information that is current and relevant.

Your Safe Date Background Check is Backed by our "Gumshoe Guarantee"

You get the information in 1 business day or you get your money back.

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