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Needing a Private Investigator can be uncomfortable.

We are here to help you get the information you need.  Whether it is confirming your suspicion of a spouses infidelity, checking on the safety of your children, or digging up fact about the person you met online.  Whatever your situation may be it is going to be better with a PI on your side.

We will be contacting you within a business day.  Look below for a recap on how all of this works.

How this Works

Step 1: The Consult

Here we take 30 minutes to listen to your story. You will tell us your concerns and give us an image of what your perfect outcome would look like. We can’t guarantee an outcome, but our trained professionals can help move you toward your desired goal. These consultations are absolutely free. 

Step 2: The Emails

Here you will get two emails. One is for the contract. If you have questions before signing, your case coordinator will be available by phone, text, or email to answer those questions. When you agree, you will simply apply your electronic signature to the document. This contract will outline payment terms and the plan for the investigation.

The second email will be for your payment for the retained amount. Our standard fee is $3,600 for a 14 day investigation.  Investigation days can be broken up as needed based on schedules and custody arrangements. 

Step 3: The Investigation

This is where investigators start to gather evidence to help your case. Here you will receive access to your evidence from our state of the art database called Crosstrax. As investigators walk through our proven investigative process, you will see real-time information coming in from the field through this system. Investigators are available to schedule calls with you to explain findings or to shift direction based on the findings. 

Step 4: The Report

After the investigation hours in the contract are concluded, our system will produce a report that will be used by you and your attorney in court. You also have the option to extend the investigation. Our investigators are prepared to testify on your behalf if it comes to that. Testimony costs will be outlined in your contract. 

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