The Story Of A Private Investigator And Adultery

I want to tell a story to illustrate how private investigators impact the community for good. This isn’t a story about a criminal getting released from death row or anything related to a spy saving the world from terrorism.  

This is an everyday occurrence relating to helping people fight back against evil people in their lives. 

The woman I want to tell you about has the following characteristics: 

  • She is married to a physician 
  • The family has significant wealth 
  • She met her husband in college and got married a few days after he graduated medical school. 
  • She was a nurse practitioner who gave up her practice and license to raise their 3 children.  
  • She supported her husband’s practice and managed the home while he worked long hours. 
  • This couple was married for 21 years at the time of the story 

The Note 

One morning, after she dropped the kids off at school, she came home to find a note from her husband on the kitchen table. In the note, he told her that he no longer wanted to be married. His main reasons were that there was no more excitement in their marriage and he felt it was better to move on. He went on to explain how the woman was controlling and he felt trapped with no freedoms.  

She had recently denied his request to purchase a new Ferrari because she felt it was not practical. 

In his note, he made an offer to her. He would pay her $25,000 in cash and pay for her an apartment for 3 months while she went out and found a job. She had been out of the workforce for 15 years and he felt this was fair. 

Of course the woman was devastated. She went to her counselor and explained her situation. The counselor felt that the husband was possibly having an affair. This woman thought the idea was ridiculous and just blamed herself for not paying her husband more attention. 

“Working late” is by far one of the most common excuses for cheating spouses that exists. Partners and spouses use the cover of longer working hours because it is a convenient reason to be absent from the home or from the phone, and their significant other will likely not question their absence because they are earning a living. –Carrie McMichael  

The counselor referred her to my office, and she reluctantly scheduled a consultation. I explained to her that no matter what, she would know exactly what was going on with her husband in a few weeks. Maybe he was having an affair or maybe he worked extremely long hours. She consistently said that he worked a lot and we wouldn’t find anything.  

She allowed us to get started investigating him. We found some interesting things. 

The Facts Come Out 

He left the office around 5 PM on weekdays and would spend evenings at his girlfriend’s apartment with her child. This lady was 10 years younger than him and worked in his office. He took the girlfriend on vacation, purchased her an expensive diamond ring, and even proposed to her. Of course, my team got this all on camera. We were able to pull the receipt for the ring which had a price tag of $25,000. 

While he was on vacation with his girlfriend, the client allowed us access to his personal laptop. We were able to recover deleted documents that showed he had a secret account with a balance over $500,000.  

Now, if she would have listened to her friends, the Facebook Mom Group, or bad lawyers, she would have heard phrases like “it’s a no-fault state…you should probably just take his offer and start a new life”. These statements run rampant in this era of bad information.  

She took our advice and got a good lawyer. In the end, she walked away with $1.2 million in cash, a significant monthly spousal support stipend, and got to keep the house. The house was important because she didn’t want to uproot the children. 

Our total fee for this case was $7,200. It is important to understand where professionals can help in these type of cases. While divorce is terrible, if it is inevitable, the “good guys” should come out on top. Evil people try to destroy lives for a little bit of pleasure.  

Are you looking for help with a bad divorce? Give us a call and see if we can help.

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