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"Unfair Advantage"
in a Court Case

Whether you suspect your spouse of wrongdoing or you are going down the path of divorce, having a professional private investigator on your side gives you an advantage when your case goes to court.

Why work with us

Evidence can radically change the outcome of what happens in the few months of your life. If you suspect your spouse of adultery or find yourself in a divorce, the best thing you can do to improve your outcome is to get evidence to support your case.

What does evidence mean for you?

  • It can mean the difference between a 50/50 split and a 60/40 or 70/30 split
  • Got children? Then evidence can mean the difference between full custody or spending weekends wondering how your ex's new girlfriend/boyfriend is treating your children.
  • The outcome of alimony can also be changed if you have evidence on your side of the case.

So don't leave your future to chance! Book a free consultation today to see how Macky and his team can help you find the truth and YOUR unfair advantage in court!

With over 20 years of military, police, and private security experience, Macky Outlaw and his team of certified professionals will take care of you.

What Our Clients Say

Wish I knew him 16 years ago!

Macky is very professional, offers excellent advice. I wish I'd known him 16 years ago, my family's life would look very different today. Now I'm working backwards against an abusive person. Macky offers excellent advice. Thank you!!

Tamara Westberry

Professional and Caring

I had such a great experience with this firm. They were professional, caring, and definitely had my best interests at heart! I definitely recommend their services!

Nancy Wolfe

Best Around

This guy is the best around I would highly recommend him to anyone needing pi work.

Andy Rowell

10 stars!

5 stars not enough, I’ll give them 10. As a stay at home mother of 2 small children, going through a devastating divorce, certain my gut suspicion for him leaving our family was his infidelity, however I was just “crazy”. With no actual hard evidence, I wondered if my truth would ever be told. With suggestion of my attorney, I contacted Macky. Just over a week into surveillance, Macky provided me with ample video & audio evidence, showing extensively multiple times and locations my husband and his also married co-worker were having sexual encounters. With Macky’s skilled, professional experience, I was able to take charge of the situation, armed with tangible proof. Incontestable evidence made all the difference in the divorce & custody proceedings. I am so thankful for Macky & his team.

Katie Tara

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