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Domestic Investigations.

Domestic situations including infidelity and custody disputes can be difficult on your family. If you are trying to protect your assets and your children, contact us now to consult with an experienced investigator. We have a proven track record of finding the truth to help your family.

Criminal Defense.

If you are being accused of a crime or being sued for civil action, we will assist your attorney in proving your innocence. Our team will locate and interview witnesses, locate crucial evidence, re-create crime scenes, and serve subpoenas. If you are accused or incarcerated, contact us to see how we can help prove your innocence.

Cyber Forensics.  

Our team is trained to investigate cyber crimes and locate digital clues. If you have a device that is locked or you suspect critical data has been deleted, we have the tools necessary to recover deleted files and evidence. Contact us to find out if the recovery of digital evidence will help your case.

5 stars not enough, I’ll give them 10. As a stay at home mother of 2 small children, going through a devastating divorce, certain my gut suspicion for him leaving our family was his infidelity, however I was just “crazy”. With no actual hard evidence, I wondered if my truth would ever be told. With suggestion of my attorney, I contacted Macky. Just over a week into surveillance, Macky provided me with ample video & audio evidence, showing extensively multiple times and locations my husband and his also married co-worker were having sexual encounters. With Macky’s skilled, professional experience, I was able to take charge of the situation, armed with tangible proof. Incontestable evidence made all the difference in the divorce & custody proceedings. I am so thankful for Macky & his team.

Katie Tara

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Macky and his team are fantastic! Macky met with me initially to talk about the details of my case. He was upfront with the cost for his services and informed me that after the surveillance was completed – he would provide a report to my lawyer and also to me. Highly recommend Macky and his team!

Sarah Galloway

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Macky is very professional, thorough, and hard working. He takes care of his clients and he works hard to get them results. Highly recommend.

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Suzette Daniels

Does a great job. Attention to detail and I highly recommend.

Charlotte Christian

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This is the very best private detective ever. My ex-wife took my children illegally to California with her boyfriend and they were living in a tent city. Macky Outlaw found them in the time frame he designated. He found a needle in a haystack. 2 young boys amongst 13 million people. I would use him again if I ever had to. Thank you again.

Michael Doyle

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This guy is the best around I would highly recommend him to anyone needing pi work.

Andy Rowell

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Mackey has been discreet and attentive throughout the entire process. His work is thorough and detailed. Mackey works hand in hand with our local legal counsel and has proven to be essential throughout the legal process. Definitely recommend!

Cheyenne Nafe

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I had such a great experience with this firm. They were professional, caring, and definitely had my best interests at heart! I definitely recommend their services!

Nancy Wolfe

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They are very professional and will get all the evidence You need. I highly recommend Macky. He is very nice and will answer any questions you may have. Thank You So Much!


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They served someone in less than an hour, that we had been trying to get served for 8 years. Highly Professional, efficient, reliable, and friendly. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing their services.

Tyson DeAngelis

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Macky and his team are very professional. They treat each case with tremendous care, sensitivity and respect. The information they provided was invaluable with me going forward with the confidence I needed. I would highly recommend.

Brian Campbell

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Macky is very professional, offers excellent advice. I wish I'd known him 16 years ago, my family's life would look very different today. Now I'm working backwards against an abusive person. Macky offers excellent advice. Thank you!!

Tamara Westberry

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Macky Outlaw Private Investigators has been a great company to join forces with on a case. Very professional team!

Matt Hooper

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I have collaborated on several cases with Macky. He is an outstanding private investigator. His knowledge of investigative techniques, skill in conducting investigations and integrity are second to none.

MIke L

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Macky and his team are true professionals. They showed the utmost patience and persistence that anyone would expect from those in the field. They gave consistent and informative updates while investigating and then, once completed, a detailed final product to myself and my lawyer.
Not only did they produce evidence to make my case of an unfaithful spouse, they helped provide what I needed to preserve my mental well-being. I am grateful.


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Great timing very thorough and gets results catered to your situation. They saved me thousands of dollars I would recommend them 100%.

Brent Ferdinand

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Macky brings years of experience from the military and private sectors. His case managers are fully trained and licensed to solve your security and investigative problems. Not only is Macky is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) which is the certification for security management professionals.
Being CPP certified means that one has demonstrated knowledge and competency in seven key domains of security and is this certification is considered the “gold standard”.
You’ll be another happy client if you choose Macky Outlaw for your investigative needs. I began picking up some of his process server jobs recently and looking forward to working more with Macky and his team.

Sheila Hand

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