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Macky Outlaw

We assess your site.

Government agencies, corporate settings, and church campuses need periodic risk and security assessments. These will help you identify vulnerabilities to your facility and will recommend life-saving solutions. From these assessments, our team will create a security plan to protect your most valuable assets – people.
Macky Outlaw

We create a plan for you.

Our team of professionals will review and refresh your all-hazards response plan. If you do not have one, we will develop one based on your industry and culture. A strategy to respond to active shooters, weather and health emergencies, and denial of service attacks is critical to protect lives and continue operations. We develop Standard Operating Procedures that provide your team members with instructions on what to do during an emergency.
Macky Outlaw

We train your staff.

Our team not only develops your incident response strategy but trains your team to respond through lectures and practical exercises. Our teaching methodology is based on standards and guidelines set forth by the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) and the Incident Command System (ICS). Our real-time training exercises provide your staff with the tools necessary to survive violent attacks and unexpected business stoppages. Our exercises include full-scale scenarios, table-top drills, seminars, and workshops.
security consultant

We investigate.

Our team is trained and equipped to handle security incidents that warrant an investigation. Corporate espionage, sexual harassment, patent infringements, domestic situations, criminal defense, and workers’ compensation fraud are some examples of cases we have experience in. We use a defined process to garner relevant facts so you can make informed decisions.

Cyber Forensics

We test your cyber security.  

Our team is trained and equipped to test your cyber security. We will meet with you and discuss your concerns about your cyber security policies or upgrades. We will test your system and report to you the upgrades necessary to protect your information. We are qualified to train your staff on end-user behaviors to prevent most denial of service attacks. We can also look at your systems post-incident to determine what happened through digital forensics and recommend policy corrections to stop the cyber attacks.

Security Consultant

You keep us on retainer. 

You always have the option to keep a dedicated security consultant available – on call. This is an economical option for firms that do not have a dedicated security director. We become your security management team.

5 stars not enough, I’ll give them 10. As a stay at home mother of 2 small children, going through a devastating divorce, certain my gut suspicion for him leaving our family was his infidelity, however I was just “crazy”. With no actual hard evidence, I wondered if my truth would ever be told. With suggestion of my attorney, I contacted Macky. Just over a week into surveillance, Macky provided me with ample video & audio evidence, showing extensively multiple times and locations my husband and his also married co-worker were having sexual encounters. With Macky’s skilled, professional experience, I was able to take charge of the situation, armed with tangible proof. Incontestable evidence made all the difference in the divorce & custody proceedings. I am so thankful for Macky & his team.

Katie Tara

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Macky and his team are fantastic! Macky met with me initially to talk about the details of my case. He was upfront with the cost for his services and informed me that after the surveillance was completed – he would provide a report to my lawyer and also to me. Highly recommend Macky and his team!

Sarah Galloway

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Macky is very professional, thorough, and hard working. He takes care of his clients and he works hard to get them results. Highly recommend.

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Suzette Daniels

Does a great job. Attention to detail and I highly recommend.

Charlotte Christian

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