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To improve the lives of each client we engage.

Core Values

Dedicated Service. We served our country. Now we are here to serve you. We have unique sets of skills that allow us to solve difficult problems. Utilizing a consultative approach, we want to learn about your situation and how we can make a difference.

Lifelong Learning. Our expertise is maximized through continuing education requirements. We stay relevant through a dedicated system of monthly learning. This means that you get the most advanced experts when it comes to investigations, training, and security consulting.

Building Relationships. We strive to become confidants. Whether through one of our training courses, or our investigative services, you will gain a friend when it comes to security and forensic needs. Try us to learn what it means to build a relationship with professionals.

About the Founder

Macky started the business in 2018 with one goal in mind - to be the premier investigative security professional in the United States. This was a lofty goal that started with just him and a pocket full of business cards.

Now the business has successfully completed over 5,000 investigative and security assignments throughout the world.

Macky brings a wealth of experience in security management, training management, and investigations. This experience comes from over 20 years in the military and private sector.

Why does this matter? As a client, you want to know the firm you hire is serious about resolving your problem and is prepared to deploy resources efficiently.

Macky ensures that his team is qualified and well-trained for any situation they encounter in the field.

  • American Society of Industrial Security
  • Alabama Private Investigators Association
  • Mile 2 Cybersecurity Certifications

Ready to serve today!

Rapid Deployment. Expert Solutions.

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Scott Gillies
Scott Gillies
October 13, 2022.
Macky has a high attention to detail and is very thorough. He truly take his profession seriously and enjoys helping people!
Alex Dos Santos
Alex Dos Santos
September 30, 2022.
Mr Macky contacted me personally to go over my concerns and to see if he could be of service to what I needed. He was upfront with all that his Firm’s offers including pricing. I was super impressed with him and his professionalism and knowledge. I highly recommend Macky Outlaw Private Investigations.
Perry Shuttlesworth
Perry Shuttlesworth
September 26, 2022.
Macky did a great job for us. We will certainly use him again.
Elaine Wyse
Elaine Wyse
August 26, 2022.
Very pleased with his work he helped me locate some lost relatives in a very quickly timely manner and was very courteous and professional I highly recommend him for any type of work that you need 5+ rating
Davis Whitten
Davis Whitten
August 15, 2022.
Macky is the best! He got me what I needed immediately and was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!
Arielle Lewis
Arielle Lewis
August 11, 2022.
Served paperwork for my child support case very quickly! The same paperwork I have been fighting with DHR to get served since March. The price was very reasonable for the excellent service.