About Us

 Macky Outlaw - Business Leader

Private Investigator

Macky started the business in 2018 with one goal in mind - to be the premier investigative service in the United States. This was a lofty goal that started with just him and his camera. 

Now the business investigates over 200 cases per year. These cases vary from domestic to criminal investigations. 

Macky brings a wealth of experience in surveillance, reconnaissance, and investigations. This experience comes from over 20 years in the military and private sector.

Why does this matter? As a client, you want to know the firm you hire is serious about resolving your problem and will present a professional image if called to testify in court. 

Macky ensures that his team is qualified and well-trained for any situation they encounter in the field.

Darren Kelley - Operations Manager

Private Investigator

When you sign up with us, Darren will be your guide through the investigative process. He will communicate with you many times throughout the investigation to ensure we are meeting your stated goals.

Darren gained his experience from the US Marines, law enforcement, and private sector. He has managed many complex cases regarding domestic issues, death, personal injury, and fraud.

Darren is passionate about ensuring that field investigators have the tools they need to succeed. He also leads and coaches a team of investigators throughout the Southeast. 

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